St. Paul Male Dealing with Charges For $1.4 Million In Deceitful Medicaid Claims

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MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – The supervisor of a Minneapolis personal care home service company was charged for a nv Medicaid scams plan that gathered more than $1.4 million in illicit funds over the last couple of years, according to a criminal grievance launched Tuesday.

Abdul Abdishakur of St. Paul is dealing with 6 counts of theft by incorrect representation for deceitful claims made to the Minnesota Department of Human Services– which supervises the state’s Medicaid program– through his company, Wallingburg Home Care Services.

Through Wallinburg Abdishakur presumably over-billed Medicaid for at least 5 of his customers, sending claims for services that did not happen, frequently administered by workers that did not have appropriate paperwork, or did not exist at all. He also supposedly offered regular kickbacks to both his customers and a few of the companies.

According to detectives, 87 percent of his claims for a two-year duration in between January 2013 and August 2015– amounting to more than $1.2 million– did not have any documents, with 73 percent of his staff members’ timesheets missing out on details.

Medicaid also needs that 72.5 percent of funds distributed for personal care needs to be paid to service providers, though authorities stated Abdishakur kept more than 66 percent of that money for himself. Detectives crunched the numbers and discovered he was apparently paying his staff members approximately $4.71 an hour, well listed below the $10.53 base pay needed.

In overall, Wallingburg supposedly bilked DHS for $1,421,788.07, while Abdishakur deals with 20 years in jail and $100,000 in fines for what private investigators say was his part in the plan.